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Website Costs

If you want a broad-stroke guestimate of industry standards, here they are;

Drag & Drop Builder - $200 -$800

WordPress - $280 -$1000

A Custom

e-Commerce Site -

$2000 - $10,000

This is just for the website builder -not for the time, design, links, inserts, training for you, and so on...

Ask yourself -

-What's your real budget for your website?

-What features do you need now?

-What features do you need later for the customer?

-Can you afford the nice to have features?

-How do you want to manage your website?

You are paying for:


Design skill

Website set-up & building



Mobile responsiveness

(many sites fail to

transfer well from

desktop to phone)

Technical knowledge 

Training on your website builder

(should you choose this)


Management of changes

in the future.

Be 'Frugal'

Go with-

'Frugal websites


Columbia Heights'

Call, text or email:


Anthony @

612-221-7859 /

Call Now!

Don't miss out.

It'll only take a moment to get the ball rolling!

Be Frugal.

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